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Mobileye Record IPO Defeats Global Selloff as Shares Soar


 Gabrielle Coppola Aug 4, 2014: "...Mobileye NV (MBLY), which makes software to avoid car accidents, overcame the worst global stock-market sell-off in almost five months to raise $890 million last week, a record for an Israeli company going public in the U.S...."  Read more  Congratulations!! Alain


The shares soared 48 percent to $37 in New York on their first day of trading on Aug. 1 after the company and existing shareholders sold 35.6 million shares for $25 each, according to a Mobileye statement. That was above the high end of the $21 to $23 marketed range.


surpasses shipment of 15 million SoCs enabling the automotive industry to redefine advanced driver assistance systems


July 30, 2014: "Confirming a leadership position in the automotive market, today Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) announces that more than 15 million of TI's advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) System-on-Chip (SoC) devices are on the road. TI's open and flexible solutions are in series production in over 25 OEMs and over 100 car models, and are designed to help reduce the number of road collisions and enable more autonomous driving experiences.  With common hardware and software architecture across camera based front (mono and stereo), rear, surround view and night vision applications, as well as mid- and long-range radar and sensor fusion systems, TI's scalable solutions allow for reuse and reduced time and cost to market. Leveraging more than 30 years in signal processing, safety and automotive experience, TI developed the TDAx family of SoC processors to enable customers to further drive innovation and differentiation in ADAS applications. ..."  Read more  Congratulations!! Alain


Millennials Want Apps, Not Cars


 By Leonid Bershidsky Jul 15, 2014: "Early next year, the Finnish capital of Helsinki will start testing an idea designed to make car ownership unnecessary -- mobility as a service, or MaaS. A single route-planning and payment platform will include all available modes of public transportation, from city bikes to ride-sharing services. It's an ambitious plan that may be the blueprint for the not-so-distant future of most big cities as millennials gain more power, using the consumption model they like and understand best...."  Read more


Hmmm ... Very Interesting and very worth paying attention to.   Likely a real force that will motivate the viral development of autonomousTaxis.  This demand is really percolating; the dorm rooms, basements and garages will respond if the smokestacks hesitate. Alain


Study: Google dominates driverless car buzz


Chris Woodyard, July 23, 2014 "...according to findings of a study by Appinions, ... When it comes to autonomous driving, the influencer scores soared when Google, which was the first company to develop and test driverless cars in Nevada, announced it was building its own driverless car from scratch — with no steering wheel. "Google has made this thing real," says Craig Danuloff, executive vice president of Appinions....Despite all the interest in driverless cars, some automakers were virtual no-shows. They included Ford, Kia and Hyundai.

If it's any consolation, though driverless cars are making headlines, they still aren't registering large on the public's radar. Other tech issues like smart watches, online privacy, civilian drones and, especially, "wearable tech," all generated mIpsos MORI Loyalty Automotive Survey uch higher buzz." Read more


Hmmm... don't quite know how to take this.  I've linked the original report and it is worth looking at; however, I know that Ford and Hyundai are not "virtual no-shows" and some of their other findings certainly don't coincide with what I perceive, but c'est la vie!  Alain




BRANDON SCHOETTLE & MICHAEL SIVAK, July 2014 "This survey examined public opinion regarding self-driving vehicle technology in three major English-

speaking countries—the U.S., the U.K., and Australia. The survey yielded useable responses from 1,533 persons 18 years and older..The main implications of these results are that motorists and the general public in the three countries surveyed, while expressing high levels of concern about riding in vehicles equipped with this technology, feel positive about self-driving vehicles, have optimistic expectations of the benefits, and generally desire self-driving-vehicle technology when it becomes available (though a majority is not willing to pay extra for such technology at this time).... "   Read more  Interesting. Alain


 Infiniti's Q50 can drive itself (so this driver rode shotgun)


 "...Infiniti calls it Lane Departure Prevention and Active Lane Control, and it uses a camera to track the road markings and make sure the Q50 is still inside them. It's designed to offer assistance, but is clearly good enough that you can - in relatively predictable situations like on the highway - allow the car to effectively steer itself... "  Read moreSee video of Active Lane Control on the Q50S    Very impressive video of what is in the showroom.  Alain


 Only 18 per cent of Britons believe driverless cars to be an important development for the car industry to focus on


Ipsos MORI Loyalty Automotive Survey 30 July 2014: "Ipsos MORI Loyalty’s Automotive Survey looks at Britons attitudes to cars and the technological developments surrounding the automotive industry, and what they want in the future from their cars. The survey shows that when it comes to technological developments, such as driverless cars, the public is not yet at a stage where this technology will be universally embraced.  The key findings on driverless cars were:..." Read more  Interesting. Alain


 When will you be able to buy a driverless car?


Tristan Cathers, 7/17/14: "... Car enthusiasts are particularly adverse to the autonomous car concept. A fully autonomous car takes all the fun out of driving and leaves no reason to modify or customize the engine and performance of a vehicle. No matter how much horsepower your autonomous car has, it will never break the speed limit. Moreover, accepting that their car can drive better than them is just something many gear-heads aren’t ready to do..."  Read more  ...especially look at the Infographic. It is interesting since it differentiates driverless Cars into the NHTSA Levels.  Alain


Aftermarket Add-Ons Will Make Any Car Smarter, for a Price

James O'Brien 8/5/14: "...I think you're going to start seeing these aftermarket products, particularly if the price is reasonable," said Egil Juliussen, director and analyst of automotive technology at IHS Technology, regarding that vision of the future....In the U.S., there are 250 million cars, right now, and that will be a slightly higher number in 10 years — so there will be space for this kind of aftermarket: products for the previous cars that don't have it built in by the auto manufacturers; that's what you're seeing in the driver-assist, or the ADAS (advanced driver assist) type" of technology. ... Read more  Very interesting!  Alain


 Review of the legislative and regulatory framework for testing driverless cars

We would like to hear your comments and views on any regulatory or other issues that may need to be addressed in considering the testing of cars with advanced autonomous safety systems on public roads, and the areas where new regulation may be necessary in order to maintain road safety and provide the appropriate safeguards in the introduction of this novel technology....We would be grateful to receive your comments (in writing) on the issues highlighted in this document. Section 4 contains a list of headings and questions to guide your input. It would be useful to have as much detail of relevant legislation (e.g. section 41 of the Road Traffic Act 1988) as possible, to facilitate discussions with stakeholders and working together to overcome issues. However, this is not essential, as long as you provide sufficient detail to describe a requirement...Please respond by 19th September 2014 Read more

Half-baked stuff that probably doesn't deserve your time:


Mercedes-Benz S-Class Becomes Fully-Autonomous Thanks to Soda Can


Even more impressive is the Steering Assist bit, which in theory ensures that the car remains in in the middle of the lane even on gentle bends – and all this without driver intervention.  Since current legislation in most countries doesn't actually allow fully autonomous cars on their roads, Mercedes-Benz was required to fit additional sensors on the steering wheel in order to detect that the driver keeps at least one hand on the wheel. If it detects that the driver isn't using the steering during a given time, the Steering Assist system is deactivated.  Closely following the KISS principle, it seems that the steering wheel sensor is actually based on weight, so the German owner of a Mercedes-Benz S 500 decided to trick the system using what appears to be a can of juice See video Hmmm...Unfortunately, the steering feedback control system is so bad that unless you are on an essentially straight road, the lane centering with soda can will not keep the car from departing the lane. :-(  Hopefully Mercedes will make a software upgrade available.   Alain


Why Google’s driverless cars are more than 10 years away


Amy-jo Crowley 21 July 2014: "Google's driverless car is more than 10 years away from market rollout due to a lack of consumer confidence, interoperability and vehicle-ready roads...""  Hmm... All that offered with absolutely no supporting evidence.  Where did she reach that conclusion?  She didn't read what she wrote later: "... In Germany, about 40% of consumers already say they are interested in getting self-driving capabilities in their next new vehicle."  Alain,  Furthermore...  "... Thilo Koslowski, VP of research firm Gartner's automotive division, said..."Before we have mass adoption, before we see a lot of cars on the road of course will take some time because people don't replace their vehicles every six months," he told CBR..."  Hmmm...  How did we ever get to everyone using carPhones and turn-by-turn navigation so quickly???... Aftermarket!!!  Alain


Are We Ready to Give Up Driving?


Junko Yoshida, 7/22/20: "..."  The wrong question keeps being asked!  Everyone agrees, few if any want to give up driving when the question implies giving it up completely.  We also know few if any want to pay extra for "safety".  Why doesn't anyone ask: "Would you like a car hat drives itself every once in a while so that you can text or relax?" or why doesn't one ask Enterprise Car Rental:  "Would you like to buy a fleet of cars that drive themselves so that "...We'll pick you up...""  Alain


Audi to let driverless car loose on Selmon Expressway

Liz Crampton, July 24, 2014 "...The tollway's reversible lanes will be closed Sunday to traffic during nonpeak hours for testing, and Monday for demonstrations put on by the German car company...   But those drivers shouldn't expect to speed down the expressway while occupied with other tasks like reading a book or checking a smartphone.

...Instead, a traffic jam will be re-created with several other vehicles to test the automated car's sensor capabilities. Plus, the driverless car is unable to direct itself at speeds greater than 40 mph, said Bradley Stertz, a communications manager for Audi.  Hmmm Why all the limitations?  Why not test something that would be of real value, like allowing texting??? Alain


Everybody is clamoring for this: 1. Fayette offered as pilot test site for driverless vehicles; 2. JoCo Board of Supervisors Approves Driverless Car Testing; 3. Driverless cars to be on UK roads by January; 4. OSU Center for Automotive Research unveils new lab, garage space; 5. Futuristic gadgets heading to Texas roads?; 6. Perth perfect for driverless cars; 7. Milton Keynes Council 'interested' in bidding for driverless car trials


 Automated car takes test drive on Selmon Expressway lane centering??? so yesterday!!! Alain


 Mercedes-Benz's autonomous driving features dominate the industry -- and will for years


Diana T. Kurylko,August 4, 2014: "... When Mercedes-Benz debuted its new Intelligent Drive package of safety and driving-assistance systems last fall, it raised the bar for the rest of the industry.  The features on the 2014 S-class sedan are the most advanced in a production vehicle. ..."When the S class debuted, I'd say they had a 30-month lead on the competition in terms of technology deployment," said Dave Sullivan, manager of product analysis for AutoPacific in Tustin, Calif. "There are similar systems out there, but not with this level of integration and sophistication....

Probably the most advanced feature is traffic-jam assist, which rivals are scrambling to get into their vehicles. In congested traffic, a driver can let the car steer, brake and accelerate itself at speeds lower than 37 mph.


Intelligent Drive includes systems to help prevent collisions, a pedestrian and animal recognition feature, lane keeping, parking assistance, rear-crash monitoring, crosswind stabilization, distance control, night vision and a suspension that automatically adjusts before the car hits an imperfection on the road.


Those technologies work with 12 ultrasonic and six radar sensors and up to eight cameras that monitor 360 degrees of the car. The data from the sensors and cameras are collected in a control unit that combines the inputs, churns algorithms and spits out vehicle commands in less than a second. ..." Read more...Hmmm Largely a sales pitch but i case you haven't heard the pitch, at least it is more than just a test vehicle, it is actually for sale.  Alain


 Baidu joins driverless car buzz


Qian Ruisham 7/24/14: "...Baidu Inc., which owns China's biggest search engine, is developing cars that can drive themselves, and may conduct road tests by the end of the year."  Wheww... Do they copy everything?  Alain


British motorists ‘reject’ driverless cars


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