Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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‘Driverless’ trucks become reality: Daimler unveils prototype, dubbed Highway Pilot


Jack Roberts July 3 "...Speculation about autonomous — or “driverless” — vehicles has been commonplace in the trucking industry for years. Now, Daimler has made this concept a reality...


The truck, a specially-equipped Mercedes Actros tractor-trailer, is fitted with front-facing radar sensors and cameras to scan the road ahead. Both systems are tied into a Lane Keeping Assist system. Additional sensors track areas to the sides and rear of the truck to provide the system with a complete view of the vehicle’s surroundings.


Daimler says the new sensors are so precise they can not only recognize the road edge by marker lines, but even identify the course of the road surface by detecting guardrails or vegetation." Read more Watch Video  Hmmm... Be sure to see video!!! Here we go! This unveiling of a serious driverless truck by Daimler is perfect timing for the Commercial Vehicle breakout session next week at the Automated Vehicle Conference in San Francisco.  The focus of that breakout session is to discuss the implications of what Daimler has unveiled.  It should be a fantastic break-out session. There are at least two other breakout sessions for which this unveiling has strong implications: The Transit breakout since there really isn't much difference between the Daimler truck and a transit bus and the Commercialization breakout because without market adoption of the Daimler vision none of the benefits of the vision are captured by society.    Alain


2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedans Go Driverless to Demo Tech in New Ad


Erick Ayapana | July 02 "A few stunt drivers put their lives on the line in a video demonstrating some of the new, fancy tech features found in the 2015 Hyundai Genesis. Titled “The Empty Car Convoy,” the video was shot at Hyundai’s expansive proving grounds in the California Mojave Desert, where there was plenty of room to pull off a stunt demonstrating the sedan’s Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC) and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) systems..." Read more  Watch video Hmm... Little goofy, but another small step forward.  Hyundai doesn't seem to cheat or use mirrors.  Note all of the disclaimers and caveats at end the video.  Also note about Lane Keeping Assistance System:  "...Above 43 mph LKAS will automatically detect when a driver has difficulty staying in their lane and helps by using gentle steering compensation.  For this film LKAS was modified not to turn off.  If LKAS can keep you in your lane, why would Hyundai ever turn it off???  I just don't understand.  It's not that I can't readily over-ride it.  I can!  So why does Hyundai turn it off.  Seems totally irresponsible of them (or the Regulator that's makes them do that!!!) Alain


Nissan’s Autonomous LEAF Helps Open Brand-New Japanese Tunnel

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfiel July 2 "...While Governor Kuroiwa didn’t give his official response to riding in Nissan’s Autonomous Drive LEAF for the second time in his career, footage from the event shows the self-driving car confidently navigating the closed section of new road with ease. As with previous outings, a Nissan engineer sat behind the wheel with his hands and feet poised to intervene and take control of the car should things go wrong.."  Read more  Watch video


 Inside Volvo's self-driving car: Improving driver safety without the driver.

Tim Steven, May 16 "Autonomous cars are coming soon, and Volvo wants to be there first. The company is pledging to have self-driving autos on sale by 2017, and by 2020 wants to build a nearly uncrashable car. Join us in Sweden for an early test ride." Read more  See Video


Half-baked stuff that probably doesn't deserve your time:

Mercedes-Benz 'talking' robotic cars

"Gestures", C-Mon Man !!!  Daimler please stick to substance! Alain


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