Friday, March 13, 2015

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Video shows SMART bus slam into multiple vehicles in West Bloomfield


Mar 3, 2015 Kimberly Gill, Police say bus driver told officers he fell asleep right before collision Video shows a SMART bus slam into several vehicles Oct. 21, 2014 on Maple Road between Middlebelt and Inkster roads in West Bloomfield. Read more


Hmmm... Should have never happened.  Bus should not have crashed11 It is incumbent on the Transit Industry to install Automated Collision Avoidance Systems in ALL their buses.  If they wont do it voluntarily, the insurance industry and OSHA should force them.  Alain


Valeo and Mobileye sign a unique technology cooperation agreement


03.11.2015 "Under the cooperation agreement, Valeo will design and industrialize a range of front-facing camera solutions and sensor fusion products using Mobileye’s EyeQ® family of microprocessors and computer vision algorithms. The product portfolio will include monocular cameras for active safety applications to satisfy regulatory requirements for collision avoidance, fusion with non-scanning LED, fusion with radar and trifocal camera configurations for high-end customer functions. The product offering will be designed for scalability and is expected to run on a single Mobileye EyeQx® system-on-chip. During the term of the agreement, the front-facing camera technology offered by Valeo will be based solely on Mobileye’s EyeQ® family of microprocessors and computer vision algorithms.


In addition, Mobileye and Valeo have joined forces in an exclusive cooperation to develop an innovative joint product proposition for the Automated Driving Market, combining vision and laser scan. The combination of Valeo's global presence and excellent technology portfolio, including market-leading Laser Scan Technology, with Mobileye’s unique expertise on image processing technology will allow both partners to create unique solutions for future autonomous cars."  Read more  Hmmm...  Very interesting Alain


Luxoft Develops Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for Rinspeed Budii Autonomous Electric Vehicle Concept


March 10, 2015 NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Luxoft Holding, Inc (NYSE:LXFT), a leading provider of software development services and innovative IT solutions to a global client base, announced at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 development of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for a revolutionary electric-powered self-driving vehicle concept, Budii, created by Rinspeed to help redefine the relationship between man and machine. Rinspeed is a Swiss automobile manufacturer and tuning designer  Read more Interesting. Alain


BMW: We're not developing a car with Apple


Thursday, 5 Mar 2015 | 5:59 AM ET German carmaker BMW said its talks with technology giant Apple did not involve developing or building a car, denying a German magazine report.  Read more Obviously!  Although ApplePlay's driver distractions may cause so many accidents that Apple should build replacement cars ;-) Alain


Google is taking a big risk by developing complicated maps for self-driving cars


Alexei Oreskovic, Reuters, Mar. 6, 2015, "...“We think we can handle 90 percent of road cases (without complicated maps)," said Carnegie Mellon's Rajkumar, "but getting to 100 percent will take longer.”...Read more


Hmmm... 100%???  Is that ever achievable with anything at a finite price?  Simply the wrong goal.  Alain



Some other thoughts that deserve your time:

Moscow Metro completes deployment of Wi-Fi onboard trains project


The FiberinMotion® train-to-ground wireless solution was chosen by the Moscow Metro to deliver high-speed Wi-Fi to millions of passengers. Moscow Metro is the number one busiest metro in the world by ridership, used by 9.5 million passengers daily. It is made up of 12 lines and 660km/410 miles of tracks.  Read more


Uber, Lyft, and the growing problem of temp jobs


By Heather Smith on 4 Mar 2015 "...Behind the tech talk, though, Uber was an old-fashioned company, working off a set of assumptions that dated back to the late ’60s, when the details of a new class of worker — the temp — were being hammered out. In an advertisement, Kelly Services, which would come to dominate the market, described this new worker as the “Never-Never Girl”:


    Never takes a vacation or holiday. Never asks for a raise. Never costs you a dime for slack time. Never has a cold, slipped disc or loose tooth. Never costs you for unemployment taxes and Social Security payments.


That “girl” was deliberate — a way of getting around union opposition by portraying the work that temps did as the kind of work that no decent red-blooded union member would want to do, and also of playing off resentments around women in the workforce...." Read more  Hmmm...  Without driverless cars, the taxi business is a labor-intensive business and not bits&bites-intensive business.  Why the “Irrational exuberance”?  Alain


Engineering a mass-transit app for a city without mass-transit


"...In Nairobi, private car ownership isn’t the norm: the bulk of its citizens rely on public transit. But when Nairobi’s formal bus system collapsed in the 1990s, the government failed to do anything about it.


So without a formal urban planning strategy, an enterprising group of Kenyans sought to fill the void.  The result was a crazy, lawless, and über-popular mode of transportation: the Kenyan Matatu...." Read more


IIHS's 50th anniversary


Sept. 9, 2009 Watch the Video!  Hmmm... A Little old, but the video is well worth watching, just to demonstrate how far we have evolved in crash worthiness.  In the next 50 years can you imagine how far we'll evolve in crash avoidance!  :-)  Alain


NXP gobbles up Freescale in smart car and IoT silicon push


Mar 3, 2015  |  Eric Brown "...NXP Semiconductor has merged with Freescale Semiconductor, in a $11.8 billion deal that creates a $40 billion firm focused on ADAS automotive and IoT apps...."  Read more Hmmm... Interesting...A roll-up in semiconductors aimed at the SmartDrivingCar market.  Very interesting!!! Alain


Plan To Open Idaho Roads To Driverless Cars Moves To State House


J.Robinson  March 12, 2015 "Idaho’s long stretches of open highway could be testing grounds for driverless cars under a bill the state Senate passed Thursday.


It’s similar to legislation awaiting a hearing in the Oregon legislature. A measure to allow testing at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state appears to be dead for the year...."  Read more

Hmmm... Senate Bill 1108 Alain



Half-baked stuff that probably doesn't deserve your time:

How Driverless Cars Will Impact the Environment


Scott Huntington  Feb 27 "...Hybrid cars were not something everybody wanted, and now in 2015, there is a new contender in a service that people have praised in recent times. We’re of course talking about “driverless cars.”.. Hmmm Unfortunately this is simply too shallow of an analysis to be deserving of your time.  Alain


Alibaba,SAIC Motor To Invest $ 160 Million In Connected Cars


Ye Wang 3/12/15 "SAIC and Alibaba will use our advantages to set technology, service and customer experience standards in connected vehicles,.. " Read more  Hmmm...Yes, but they will also manifest driver distraction and and resulting crashes.  Why don't they focus on automated crash avoidance before they coerce the attention of drivers? Alain


Mercedes Driverless Car Spotted Cruising Around San Francisco


Harry Bradford,  03/09/2015 "Last week, some San Francisco residents glimpsed the future..."

  Photoshopped by North Korea???? Alain



Baidu May Introduce Autonomous Car This Year, CEO Says


Don't hold your breath.  This should be a C'Mon Man! Alain


C'mon Man! (These folks didn't get/read the memo):

How pathetic is this image???

If these autonoHoles are so into virtual reality, why are they traveling anywhere????  C'Mon Daimler!  Alain


Automotive HUDs to Exhibit CAGR of 27.3% by 2024: ABI Research

"Head-up displays or HUDs in private or personal vehicles have long been exclusive to upscale cars, having been adopted from military aircrafts to easily display instrumentation on windshields without interrupting a driver's focus on road..."  Read more  Hmmm... I've never been a fan of Head's-up Displays (HuDs).  Fighter plane...sure!  There's nothing for the pilot to see (and why is there even a pilot looking out the cockpit except when the plane is on or near the ground???) Car...where continuous vigilance on the road ahead is "mandated" by NHTAS Levels 0 through 2, HuDs, by their very nature "interrupting a driver's focus on road", (else, they are not seen by the driver...then why display then at all????).  Moreover... could they design a more obtrusive HuD as in the example shown.  One has to work hard to regain focus on the road after the HuD is "in you face"!)  So bad!!! C'Mon ABI! Alain



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