Monday, August 18, 2014

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 Volvo building new AstaZero safety proving ground in Sweden


Noah Joseph Aug 25th 2014 "...Called AstaZero, the new facility near the company's headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, is the result of a $70 million investment. It will cover some 500 acres, with over 60 acres of pavement, four city blocks and three and a half miles of highway. The Active Safety Test Area (the ASTA in AstaZero) will enable Volvo and its partners (including Scania trucks as well as government bodies and university development programs) to simulate city streets, highways, rural roads, roundabouts, T-junctions and more, combining traffic from cars, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, trucks and even animals in order to account for all manner of potential hazards..." Read more  Hmmm... Think Fort Monmouth :-)  Alain


 Driverless vehicles? Even in D.C. streets? An autonomous car takes a capital test run.


Ashley Halsey III Aug. 25 Good article about CMU's automated Cadillac.  But when will GM make it available in the showroom? Alain


Driverless cars: 15 things you need to know


Ashley Halsey III Aug. 25 This is essentially totally baked.  I particularly liked:

"Does that mean there will be zero crashes?  Nobody dares make that claim, and for good reason: Too many things can go wrong on the roadway. But there could be a dramatic reduction."

"Will there be less traffic congestion? Probably yes, but maybe no..."

"Will it affect where people decide to live? It might..."" What does this mean for parking?  Imagine getting dropped off at the door where ever you go..."

" Who are the winners and losers if these things come to rule the road?  ...greater mobility for the blind, the elderly, people with disabilities and those too young to drive. ( Add the poor and really everyone else because they are not saddled with owning their own car)  Professions that figure to suffer: cab drivers (New job opportunities in greatly expanded mobility companies), truck drivers (Unlikely, they are too valuable as care takers for high valued goods) and bus drivers (Same as cab drivers) . If crash rates plummet, body shops, insurance companies (No!  They'll keep more of what they collect in premiums) , chiropractors and emergency rooms will see less business (and lawyers... cry me a river!).

" Are autonomous cars and connected cars the same thing? No. ... The connected-car technology could be an asset to autonomous cars, but it’s not the steppingstone some experts once thought necessary. "  (YES! Ashley has read the memo!) Alain



Half-baked stuff that probably doesn't deserve your time:

Opinion: Driverless cars solve the wrong problem


Excuse me....Driverless cars solve the right problem... Cars that are avoid crashes all of the time and are can drive themselves some of the time would greatly enhance safety and let us "text" some of the time.  No one would want/need to own a car that can be driverless all of the time, thus curing us "..of our commitment to the notion that everyone must have his (sic) own automobile...", plus these driverless vehicles would enable transit companies to provide much enhanced mobility that is substantially nearer to pollution-free and cheaper to most everyone than could ever be achieved using "...buses and trains". Alain


 Self-driving lorries 'to get UK test in 2015'


Is scrunching lorries/trucks close together on the critical Darwinian path to improving the efficiency of motor freight and enhancing the safety and work environment of truck drivers???  I think NOT!  The fuel saving and congestion relief are infinitesimal and the perception is awful and chilling.  Why not simply implement across the motor carrier industry automated collision avoidance and lane keeping ("Level 3"), allowing the driver to relax some of the time.  Allow all of us to get comfortable that we got this right, then, if you must, inch the things closer together.  Please!   Alain


How tech giants are going to take over your car


Cadie Thompson 8/18/14 "...Tech companies look at the car as something they need to deal with," Kosowski said. .." Hmmm... Really???  Much of this sound like 15 years ago with respect to car phones.  The thought was that there was a necessary relationship between a car and a mobile phone (hence the name "car-phone"); however, one quickly realized that the size of the new car market is very small; cars have a long half-life and are not readily upgradeable or upsellable.  Thus car phones abandoned the car and became simply personal  phones.  Alain


 New Era in Safety When Cars Talk to One Another


"“What you want is for the infrastructure to be there and have cars roll off the lot ready to talk to these various signals,” Mr. Keller of Honda said..."   Really, why would the public invest any money in infrastructure that is unusable to all current drivers and only useable to some drivers in some future??? We have so much transportation money available that we can afford to do that??  Really??? Alai



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